Don Liebich Speaking

In 2003, as I began the first of a series of trips to the Middle East, I discovered something curious: what I was seeing and learning in my travels generally did not correspond with what was being fed to me by U.S. media sources. As the discrepancies between what I observed and what I “knew” from home became more obvious, I began, in 2006, recording my thoughts and experiences as they related to the dynamics of the Middle East region. By writing and posting a regular blog on my Memos from the Mountains blog site, I gave myself the opportunity to discern truth from fiction and to determine for myself what I actually believed was happening in Middle Eastern affairs. These blogs, along with comments offered by my readers, have proved to be a useful device as I work to understand all sides of what, at times, can be complex issues.


Recent Blog Posts

  • President Obama’s Middle East Legacy - Barack Obama came to power in 2009 having campaigned on a slogan of “change that you can believe in.” His record of opposing the Bush administration’s ill-fated invasion of Iraq, his Kenyan/Indonesian heritage, his friendship in Chicago with Rashid Khalidi, an internationally known scholar, critic of Israel and advocate for Palestinian rights, and his emphasis [...]
  • Live Interview With Stu Taylor - I recently talked with Stu Taylor to discuss my book, Fault Lines: The Layman’s Guide to Understanding America’s Role in the Ever-Changing Middle East, and recent events in the Middle Eastern region and how it is handled by the US.   Listen to it right here by pressing play below, or right click on this link and select “Save [...]
  • Israel and Palestine: Is There a Way Forward? - Originally published for American Herald Tribune One thing I learned during my military and business careers was that the first step in solving any problem is to recognize the reality. Wishful thinking is not conducive to solving a problem and has, unfortunately, been the basis for U.S. policies related to the situation in Israel and [...]