Fault Lines, The New Updated Edition

Understanding America’s Role in the Middle East and the Circumstances Leading to the Rise of ISIS

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Fault Lines is written for those interested in understanding the often convoluted history of American Middle East policy by a non- academic former businessman and consultant, widely traveled in the Middle East. The book explains the fault lines that have often plagued U.S. efforts to protect its national interests in the region and how these on-going faults have led to a precipitous decline in American influence. The author makes some recommendations as to how this decline can be reversed.

“After a successful career in domestic business, Don Liebich turned his talents to foreign affairs, serving as an unpaid international consultant and developing deep expertise, especially in the problems of the Middle East.  He has shared his knowledge and policy perspectives through publications, blogs, oral presentations, and the leadership of study tours.”

-John Todd Stewart
U.S. Ambassador, Retired

Don Liebich represents the best of citizen diplomacy through his many years of dedicated involvement in the Middle East and around the world. America’s interests are best served when its citizens are both informed about international events and committed to the resolution of global conflicts. As a generous member of the Frank Church Institute and the Boise Committee on Foreign Relations, part of the American Committees on Foreign Relations, Don Liebich continues to demonstrate his passion for international understanding and citizen participation.

-Garry V. Wenske
President, Boise Committee on Foreign Relations